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What a Hosted PBX Can Do

A traditional PBX system can require expensive hardware and equally expensive maintenance. For too many organizations, there simply was no other option. Fortunately, improved internet connectivity and upgraded systems allow for a better option.

A hosted PBX takes the complexity and expense of a traditional system and moves it off site to a cloud-based service. The result is a cutting-edge solution maintained, upgraded, and installed by our experienced technicians. We maintain the equipment, network, power, and reliability—and you reap the benefits.

Hosted PBX Features

Improved Reliability

Our equipment is in temperature controlled, protected server rooms with redundant power and off-site monitoring, providing reliable connections without interruptions.


Enhanced Features

Voicemail, forwarding, video conferencing, and call recording are all just a switch away. Add as many options as you need and pay for none that you don’t. Best of all, whatever you don’t need today can be easily added in the future with no expensive hardware upgrades or technician visits.


Take your entire phone system with you, metaphorically speaking. Connect your device while you are on the road, at a new branch, or a different school and plug right back into all of your system features.

High-End Equipment, Low-Cost Solutions

We get it. You don’t have money to burn on your phone system. However, you need the right combination of features to maximize productivity. We are experts in understanding your needs and matching them with the right solution for the lowest cost.

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