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Let’s face it. Even when faxing was the only option, it never really worked as well as it should have. Fax machines were notoriously temperamental paper jams, and smearing ink and disconnects were only some of the problems. Then, even when they did work, you had to keep them stocked with supplies like special ink, special paper, and even a special phone line.
Faxing is nowhere near as common as it once was, but it still occupies a very important part of many businesses, especially those with high-dollar contracts. Don’t let not being able to fax handicap your business. Online faxing means you can fax on your terms, where you want and when you want.

Online Faxing for You

Fax Without the Fax Machine

Online faxing means that any internet connection anywhere in the world is your fax machine. So you never have to worry about finding a fax machine to send a required fax for an important contract.

Offer a Fax Number

Be honest. You don’t want a fax machine. You don’t want to have to monitor a fax machine and you don’t want to pay for an extra phone line for a fax machine. You do, however, want to give your customers the option of faxing important documents to you. With online faxing, you can list your fax number in your business contact information for anyone who might need it.

Turn That Fax Into Something Else

With online faxing, you can view your faxes by logging into your account. If you prefer, you can turn your fax into an email sent to any address you like, including a group inbox, so you never have to worry about missing an important fax. Additional options include text messages, pictures to display, or almost any other format.

Your Fax Is Important to Us

No matter why you need faxing abilities and no matter how important they are to your business, our service to our clients is always our most important goal.

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