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Tech-Savvy Solutions for Schools

Schools have some of the tightest budgets while having the greatest needs. That is why we offer innovative communications systems for educational institutions that provide the biggest bang for the buck, all without requiring expensive ongoing equipment or support services. Our systems are designed to support your learning environment.

Our hybrid solutions for K12 still work when the internet is down. Unlike typical hosted VOIP solutions our K12 solutions still ensure safe and reliable internal communications and external communications with automatic failover circuits via cellular, satellite and analog circuits. Most schools save thousand of dollars switching from analog circuits to AITelecom’s crystal clear digital VOIP/SIP circuits.

School Features

Keeping Up to Date

More so than most organizations, schools are dynamic. Teachers and students are constantly moving, growing, and adapting. Thanks to our solutions designed specifically for the educational environment, teachers, staff, and students can communicate efficiently and stay up to date.

More than Phones

Our school solutions do more than just run your phones. They run your front door intercom, Door Access Control, Integrated bell systems, the PA system, and security monitoring systems, providing ease of use and the best value. Our SMS texting features allows for easy communications with parents when buses are late or school is cancelled.

Ease of Use

Our systems are designed to be intuitive and easy to use. We ensure that our school solutions are user-friendly and don’t require complex training or additional technical staff.

Serving Our Schools, Teachers, Students and Staff

K12 Education is very important to us and that’s why we sponsor the non-profit 100% of our donation goes to support STEM & STEAM education in small rural schools. Please donate to and help fund this important cause.

Protect Your Schools. Empower Your Educators with School Safety Solutions for Rapid Incident Response. School emergencies happen, and when they do, every second matters. Give your educators peace of mind about their safety so they can focus on what matters most—creating prosperous learning environments. Rapid Incident response safety solutions for emergencies, from the everyday to the extreme. Visitor Management, Enhanced Visitor Management with Locating and more;

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